Public Health Care Conference-Global Edition

Conference Theme : Disease Prevention and Control

Nan Zheng

Nanjing University, China


Dr. Nan Zheng obtained his Ph.D. degree from Kumamoto University, Japan, in 2009. In 2010, he started his career at the Medical School of Nanjing University. His research interests revolved around the field of viral immunology. He specializes in T cell immunology's pivotal role in combating viral infections and innovative antiviral therapies employing extracellular vesicles as delivery systems.

Recent Publications:

Zhang L, Fu Y, Zhang R, Guan Y, Jiang N, Zheng N, Wu Z (2021) Nonstructural protein NSs hampers cellular antiviral response through lsm14a during severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus infection. Journal of Immunology: 207:590-601 (Co-corresponding author)

Zou X, Yuan M, Zhang T, Zheng N, Wu Z (2021) EVs containing host restriction factor IFITM3 inhibited ZIKV infection of fetuses in pregnant mice through trans-placenta delivery.  Molecular Therapy: 29:176-190 (Co-corresponding author)

Zou X, Yuan M, Zhang T, Wei H, Xu S, Jiang N, Zheng N, Wu Z (2019) Extracellular vesicles expressing a single-chain variable fragment of an HIV-1 specific antibody selectively target Env+ tissues.  Theranostics: 9:5657 (Co-corresponding author)