Public Health Care Conference-Global Edition

Conference Theme : Disease Prevention and Control

Ehsan Abdalla

Tuskegee University, Albama


Ehsan Abdalla Assistant Professor of Public Health/Director of Analytics in the Department of Graduate Public Health in the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) at Tuskegee University (TU). I have the required expertise, leadership, training, and motivation necessary to accomplish the proposed research project relating to community engagement. She has a broad background in epidemiology, risk analysis, Geographic Information Systems and statistics, and health disparities, coupled with a diverse medical background. Her research interests are in the areas of computational epidemiology in the study of human diseases, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, obesity, COVID-19, Influenza, and other zoonotic diseases.

She is a member of the Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI) at TU from 2009-present, serving as a community liaison on the same above-mentioned diseases, working with various health departments (e.g., Macon M.E.A.N. For Cancer Support Group, Human Rights Watch, Family Health Services, Division of Women's Health, Alabama Department of Public Health and Medical Advocacy outreach).

From 2021 to the present, She has been a member of Check Ya’ self, as she is campaigning with other members to increase knowledge of Human Papillomavirus (HPV), HPV-related cancers, and the HPV vaccine among young men and women aged 11 –24 in Macon County. From 2010-2024, she was a recipient of more than 14 awards in the elimination of health disparities. She has been a PI and Co-PI on some grants funded by the USDA, NIH, HHS, and other agencies and has been engaged in grant writing as an individual or collaboratively of grant amounts ranging from $35K-$21M. Ehsan training and expertise are tailored to community-based epidemiologic research.

Her current research project is a community-based epidemiologic research study to assess an intervention to increase knowledge about HPV in Alabama’s Black Belt Counties. She works collaboratively with some scientists e.g., from UABE the ADPH, and many other organizations including a non-profit organization named “Together” for Health,” on the elimination of cervical cancer in Alabama. To launch an elimination plan for the state, to develop scientific theories, which will be instrumental in implementing a successful program named “Wipeout Cervical Cancer from Alabama, 2023-2033” to eliminate cervical cancer.